Bad Girls Of Season 4 ORIGINALS!

Bad Girls Club Is Returning To Where It First Started...TWINBROOK!!! And this time the cast has TWINS


Chrystal 21
Kimberly 21
Sammy 22
Ashley 22
Heather 23
Farah 24
Kendra 25
*Danielle 21
*Jasmine 23
*Tiana 23

Episodes 1-10

Ashley x x x x Out
Kendra x x x x x x x x x x
Heather x x x x x x x x x x
Kimberly x Out
Chrystal x x x x x x x x x x
Sammy x x x x x x x x Out
Farah x x x Left
*Jasmine x x x x x x x x x Out
*Danielle x x x x x x x x x
*Tiana x x x x x x x x x x


Episode 2: Kimberly was removed from getting in a altercation with Chrystal

Episode 4: Farah voluntarily left after getting into a verbal argument with Ashley and Jasmine

Episode 5: Ashley was removed for getting in an altercation with Danielle

Episode 9: Sammy was removed for getting into an altercation with Kendra

Episode 9: Danielle voluntarily left due to the others being classless in another city

Episode 10: Jasmine was removed for getting in an altercation with Heather and Chrystal

Episode 1-TwinBrooking thumb|300px|right|Episode 1 This Season is bsck in twinbrook but its coming with twins. Twins Sammy and Ashley Arrive and is greeted by the bad girls house. Soon bad girl heather arrives moments after. Kimberly and Chrystal are brought together before heading to the BG house. Farah arrives with Kendra demanding they all head out to the club. Heather not liking her demanding trait confronts in the club. Everyone else is brought in the drama leading to the house and the first fight of Season 4 is shown.

Episode 2-Checking Out thumb|300px|right|Episode 2

TeamKendra arrives back from the hotel and announces their return only to be greeted by no one. All the girls head out to the beach to try and escape the drama but a few drinks fuel Kimberly into starting some drama with Chrystal. Having Beer Muscles, Kimberly is removed. Having said their goodbyes, the replacement Jasmine makes a surprise entrance but is greeted by few girls. Will Jasmine Show Why She's A Bad Girl? Tune In To Now. *Note* Kimberly is removed. *Note* Jasmine replaces Kimberly in this episode.

Episode 3- Cliqueing Out thumb|300px|right|Episode 3

Jasmine sparks a quick dislike for bad girls Heather and Farah. Heather and Jasmine get into it in the hot tub and soon Heather is making amends with Farah and turns against her former crew. Chrystal is shocked by Heather's friendship with Farah and heads out with Heather ask her what is up. Not getting the answer out of her. Chrystal sets up a house meeting. Will this meeting settle the beef or divide the house up more?


All 10 Bad Girls Will Be There...Expect The Baddest Bad Girl Of Season 4 To Be Announced At The Reunion.