Seven New Bad Girls Have Taken BridgePort By Surprise With Their Seven Bad Personalities


Leah 24
Ailea 21
Melissa 22
Kerry 23
Jade 23
Laura 21
Angelica 22
*Mia 21
  • =replacement
Bad Girls Club 3 Ep

Bad Girls Club 3 Ep. 1 Storm Ailea

Episode 1

This season will be continued.

Episode 1- Storm Ailea

Seven New Bad Girls Arrive To Take Over Bridgeport. Angelica, Laura, Leah, Jade, Ailea, Kerry, And Melissa arrive in the BG House. Ailea and Kerry Quickly Make Enemies When They Arrive. Soon all 7 are heading out to party but Ailea's Bad Girl Side comes out when a local instagates. Back in the house Angelica has had enough of Ailea and the episode ends with both girls yelling at each other.

Episode 2- One Down

The Episode Resumes With Both Angelica and Ailea Shouting At One Another. After each are down yelling Ailea
Bad Girls Club 3 Ep 2- One Down

Bad Girls Club 3 Ep 2- One Down

Episode 2

throws the first punch and the first fight of Season 3 starts. The girls are pulled away from each other and Ailea is removed from the show. Kerry upset with her friend's early departure confronts Angelica but Melissa is nto having it. After The Shouting Match, the girls head to the beach to cool down. Laura tells Kerry she should apologize to Melissa. Jade Seeing This Is Upset With Melissa and She Confronts Her When They Head Back Home. Melissa starting to have second thoughts on her relationship with Jade. The Episode Closes To The Replacement Arriving.